I’m desperate to get stronger
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Type Manhua

I’m desperate to get stronger

Alternative Titles Wo Wan Ming Bian Qiang, I'm Dying to Get Stronger, I'm Getting Stronger, Wǒ Wán Mìng Biàn Qiáng, 我玩命变强

Synopsis I’m desperate to get stronger

Yi Shuihan and his sister Yi Chuchu, who were reborn from the apocalypse and returned to the age of 18, accidentally broke into a mysterious transaction in the secret room of horror, and the two were silenced by the mysterious man. The two were rescued by members of the supernatural organization Rejection Star Alliance. Yi Shuihan woke up and found that he was activated by an energy item carried by the mysterious man, while his younger sister Yi Chuchu needed to use the energy item to maintain her life. In order to obtain the energy items that sustain his sister’s life, Yi Shuihan joined the supernatural organization. As he went deeper into the battle against the star beasts, Yi Shuihan gradually gained insight into the secrets of his own life and rebirth.……I’m desperate to get stronger

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