I am a sword Immortal
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

I am a sword Immortal

Alternative Titles 我是剑仙, i am sword fairy ,I am the Sword Fairyz

Synopsis I am a sword Immortal

I am a sword Immortal

After the chaos in the world, the Great Shang Dynasty unified the human world and guarded the area south of the Fusu Great Wall. The northern tribes of demons, monsters, ghosts, and spirits were eager to act, plotting to invade the southern lands and seize the world’s resources. The fallen Chen Dynasty’s leader, Chu Huaixi, led thousands of troops and established Tianchi Town in the Snowy Lake above the Fusu Great Wall. In exchange for assisting the Great Shang Dynasty in resisting the invasion of the four northern tribes, the descendants of the fallen Chen Dynasty were granted permission to thrive and multiply in Tianchi Town, and this tradition continues to this day.

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